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                        E-DESIGN SERVICES:



Hello and thank you for visiting my website! I am Olga Glushkova - interior designer and I look forward to working with you! I work on full-service projects also works on online projects. All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of my E-DESIGN services. I can help you to make your design dreams a reality, whether you're working on a big project or a small room redesign. Anytime, anywhere. Work with a professional to design the home you want!


Standard Package:


1 Mood board concept and Clickable Shopping List (furniture, lighting, curtains, rugs, decor, paint) (1 room)

7 Days Delivery
1 Revision



Recommended Package:


1 Mood board concept, 2D Floor plan and Clickable Shopping List (1 room)

10 Days Delivery
1 Revision



Premium Package:


1 Mood board concept, 2D and 3D Floor plan, Clickable Shopping List (1 room)

12 Days Delivery
1 Revision





1 Mood board, 2D Floor plan, 3D renderings and Clickable Shopping list (1 room) 

14 Days Delivery
1 Revision
















 Room concept board&Shopping list:






To get started, email me at
office@fs-8.ru  and share a brief description of your project.  I will send you a project Questionnaire which will give me more insight into your project.

To have any of your questions answered, please email me at: office@fs-8.ru  You decide how many rooms to design, you can start with one or several rooms. You will receive a professionally made design project quickly and efficiently! 




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