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                             E-DESIGN SERVICES

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! I am Olga Glushkova - interior designer and I look forward to working with you! I work on full-service projects also works on online projects. All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of my E-DESIGN services. I can help you to make your design dreams a reality, whether you're working on a big project or a small room redesign. Anytime, anywhere. Work with a professional to design the home you want!


                            WHAT IS E-DESIGN?

E-DESIGN takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the process, which includes two initial design concepts, your final design, 3D photo-realistic renderings of your designed space, furniture layout, and shopping list.
All communication is via email and I am able to provide you with all necessary items for a well- designed room. Here’s how it all works.


                           HOW IT WORKS:

1.Get Acquainted. Get started by choosing the space you need help with. Tell me about your space, likes and dislikes, budget, design style. Send me photographs and measurements of your space, along with any ideas or inspiration images.

2. Project Questionnaire:
I will send you a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire helps me to learn about you and your design needs. I would like to learn about your budget, style, color preferences, and wishes for your design. I want to have a good understanding about exactly what you need and want in your room design.
The welcome email will also include a link to instructions on how to measure your space.

3. Room concept board
Room concept boards will allow you to see how the space will look like. I create two design room concept boards based on your project details. Design concept boards including furniture, decor and color palette.

4. Floor plan with furniture placement 
I include a detailed furniture layout plan, which references directly to the room concept board.
The floor layout telling you where to place each item in the room.

5. 3D Renderings of your designed space
Photo-realistic renderings of your space help you to visualize your newly designed space.

6. Shopping list
An online shopping list with links to every product to purchase the furniture and decor from your design plan.
I always keep your budget in mind when selecting furniture.

7. Final styling tips.
A full description of the design concept.


- Color and Material Inspiration Board
- All Furniture Selections with Specifications Details (Size, color)
- Lighting Selections
- Paint Color Recommendation
- Accessory Selection
- Art Recommendations
- 3D photo-realistic renderings of your designed space
- Professional Interior Design Tips


Room concept board



Floor plan with furniture placement 



3D Renderings of your designed space



Shopping list



To get started, email me at
office@fs-8.ru  and share a brief description of your project.  I will send you a project Questionnaire which will give me more insight into your project.

To have any of your questions answered, please email me at: office@fs-8.ru  You decide how many rooms to design, you can start with one or several rooms. You will receive a professionally made design project quickly and efficiently! 



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